Speaking Engagements

Terrie Shares How Animals Speak and How They Want to be Heard

Terrie’s results speak for themselves. Her passion and devotion are revealed in her story of her own emotional struggles through childhood and as a pet owner.  She recalls the first time she heard animals speak and the emotions she felt.  The path of owning successful traditional businesses and still feeling unfulfilled.  It wasn’t until she experienced her own animal tragedy that she stopped denying her gift to hear animals speak.  Terrie’s devotion to helping animals led her on journeys across the United States as well as overseas to Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.  She captivates the audience with her charm and vulnerability. 

Speaking Engagements are available on a Variety of Topics

Terrie offers speaking engagements on a variety of topics and would love to discuss your group’s needs.  Current topics include:

Communicating with the Animal Kingdom:  hear Terrie’s compelling story and learn how all living things communication through vibration.   The gift of listening and feeling animals speak is something we are all born with.  Learn the science behind how animals speak.

Reiki for Animals:  learn how a Japanese healing art uses energy to heal animals.  Just like humans, animals have chakras.  When physical or emotional stress happens in an animal’s life, negative energies can accumulate and block their chakras.  This blockage can prevent or hamper the natural body’s healing process which can lead to illness and disease.

Animals Intelligence:  learn what animals have to say and their perspective of the world.  Find out their thoughts when animals speak in regards to our global status and how we are treating the planet we all inhabit.  Terrie also touches on Interspecies communication and their relationship to Mother Earth. 

If you have a desire to learn how to listen to animals speak and communicate with them, visit my school page for upcoming classes by clicking here.  You can also contact me with questions by clicking here.  Reiki classes and animal reiki classes are coming soon.