My Inspiring Journey to Becoming an International Animal Communicator & Pet Psychic

Love is the greatest gift one can give and receive. This is what our beloved parrot, Daisy taught me. It’s feeling your heart swell and overflow with an abundance of warmth, radiating a beam that shines and shields all around you.

When Daisy crossed over, it was an emotionally devastating time.  She was in the hospital for 30 days and our Veterinarian could not determine her diagnosis.  We would visit her everyday for hours.  Each time I visited I would become extremely fatigued.  My throat became sore with a feeling of a large lump when I would swallow, and I felt like I had the flu.  As soon as I walked out of the hospital, my symptoms disappeared.  A few days before her crossing, we found out she had a rare disease.  One rare enough that the medicine was difficult to find.  Her heart became weak and she passed from cardiac arrest during a feeding.  What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had felt Daisy’s symptoms while she was alive.  As soon as she passed, when I walked into the hospital I didn’t feel sick anymore. At first I didn’t understand and went searching for answers.  I confirmed with our Veterinarian what exactly would Daisy have felt.  He explained that she would have large lesions in her throat making it hard to eat or swallow and she would have flu like symptoms.  Quieting my intuition made me feel responsible for her early passing.  Now the question became could I have helped in an earlier diagnosis by telling our Veterinarian how she was feeling?  I didn’t understand until it was too late.  I didn’t think about contacting an animal communicator.

My Calling to Be an Animal Communicator

Unfortunately, it was too late to save Daisy.  My heartbreak of losing her and the regret of quieting my intuition made me realize however, that I had to use my gift. This is why I dedicate myself to understanding and communicating with animals.  It is my destiny to be an animal communicator.  It also allows animal owners to reclaim the joy and love they deserve to have with their loyal companions.

Animal communication can help a pet owner understand what their animal is thinking and feeling. Whether it’s due to a behavior issue, a health issue, or even through the time of passing over.

Although I could not save Daisy’s physical body, I know she lives on. It is comforting that even after her death, I am able to communicate with her and feel her presence.

As an Animal Communicator I can help
If your animal:

Passed over or is about to pass over and you would like to know what your animal is thinking or feeling

Has anxiety and stress

Has health or behavior challenges

If you want to know if you:

Are you making the right decision

Made the right decision

Terrie Matz with her beloved Daisy

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