About My Book

If You Knew Their Thoughts by Best Selling Author, Terrie L. Matz

I am very excited that my book: If You Knew Their Thoughts: How An Animal Communicator Can Transform Your Relationship With Your Pet became a #1 International Best Seller. It is available on Amazon Order it Here This book helps educate the reader that people can communicate with animals telepathically. It explains the science and proven theory of how it is possible.  The stories of many prior clients will reveal some of the reasons why a pet owner would need the services of an animal communicator. Terrie had the pleasure of interviewing many expert animal communicators. Inside you will read about their story of becoming an animal communicator and how they helped pet owners and their pets. This book is written to educate and inspire people about animal communication. Share a link to my book on Amazon to your Facebook Page, Twitter Page, or Email it to your contacts!