Terrie Matz, founder of TerriPathic Animal Communicator


Terrie Matz, Author of #1 International Best Selling book “If You Knew Their Thoughts” , typically works with animals and their owners to communicate or resolve emotional and physical obstacles. She does this by using her TerriePathic Communications Method™, various muscle testing techniques, and Reiki.

Terrie Matz is passionate about working with pet owners and talking with animals to help them overcome challenges in their relationship and lifestyle. She believes that having love, affection and playfulness with your pet not only enhances your life and connection with the animal, but also improves the quality of your life overall.

She also typically works with animal owners who’s animal is about to cross over or has already crossed the rainbow bridge.  Talking with animals and being able to help the owner receive the answers they are looking for can allow the process of emotional healing within the owner.

As a child, Terrie shut off her intuitive abilities and covered her feelings in order to not feel left out or abandoned for being different. Later in life, her parrot Daisy would teach her that the greatest gift is the gift of love and her ability to connect with the animal kingdom. From that day forward, Terrie vowed she would never again turn away from her gift, dedicating her life to helping people and their animals.

Terrie prides herself in working with all types of animals. Recently she helped an owner and her cat. The cat was having health issues and was already diagnosed with diabetes. The owner was concerned about his behavior and change in weight. While communicating with her cat, Terrie revealed that his owner changed his food and it was not meeting his special diet needs. He also revealed that because of his special needs, he was restricted to a small area of the home. This caused him stress and irritability. The cat owner confirmed she changed his food 2 weeks prior and his current living conditions. She was grateful for the information revealed and made the appropriate changes. Two weeks later when Terrie followed-up with the owner and her cat, the cat had more energy, started to gain his weight back, and showed more affection to his owner.


Although Terrie always felt a special bond with animals her whole life, her career path took her in another direction. She was a successful business owner of a Fire and Water Restoration Franchise for over 17 years and also of a successful Natural Organic and Gluten Free Snack business through vending machines for 7 years. Both businesses aligned with her core values of helping people, however; they did not fulfill her soul with her love for animals. Hence TerriePathic was born and her journey of talking with animals began.  Terrie sold her two other businesses and solely dedicates her life to communicating and helping animals.

During this transition Terrie has travelled to the other side of the world to Australia, New Zealand and Germany to reach out to others with her skills and making connections to help other animal rescues. She has clients all over the world including Portugal, Japan, London and Canada. 


Terrie enjoys speaking, and loves working to help people and animals connect on higher levels. Talking with animals is her purpose and passion.  In her spare time she loves to spend time boating, bike riding, hiking, and time by the ocean.

Australia & New Zealand Experience

Australia was one of the countries that my book If You Knew Their Thoughts” became International #1 Best Seller

In September 2018, I had the privilege of visiting Australia and New Zealand where I got to personally experience the love and affection of the animals native to their land.

Pops, the baby kangaroo, was rescued by First Responders at the scene of an auto accident two months prior.  Being protected in her Mother’s pouch she survived with no injuries; however, her Mother immediately passed over the rainbow bridge.

Featherdale Wild Life Park adopted Pops and became her sole care taker.  They have over 45 years’ of experience caring for animals with initiatives of saving endangered species and educating people.

Another sanctuary dear to my heart is the Kiwi Birdlife Park in Queenstown, New Zealand.  They are a family run park with conservation programs to help save the Kiwis and other birds on the island.  The natural habitat created within the park for the animals is amazing.  Education and conservation are top of mind.